Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 49)

Let’s get straight to the case. It’s a hot December for any investor with at least $10 worth of crypto. With industry experts predicting a bull run and facing an 80% value drop, it’s stressful to be a crypto trader right now. But, before you go out to cool off and get a drink at your favorite bar, give the crypto world another chance!

Part of its charm is in the fact that it’s getting more dramatic than a Game of Thrones season finale. So, let's start the weekly roundup!

It’s Time To Be Excited About Ethereum

It’s true, Ethereum lost 75% of its value over the year, and yes the value drop translates into a price drop from $1400 to $100. But, the image of crypto community burying Ethereum crypto into the ground is just a bad dream. And that’s not going to happen since Ethereum will transform into a supercomputer. And no, Vitalik Buterin didn’t transition from computing to science fiction writing. He announced the Ethereum 2.0. It comes with a ton of new features. One of them is the capability to give loans from Ethereum blockchain. Surely, it’s going to change crypto as we know it completely.

Internet Of Value

Visionary character of cryptocurrency is one of its finest features. Crypto unleashed our imagination and allowed us to mold it into the technology for the next generation. Internet of Value emphasizes this perfectly. The Internet of Value should be the next step in the evolution of the internet. The current incarnation of the internet allows an instant transmission of information, and now, the Internet of Value should do the same for money, stocks, bonds, and crypto. Ripple developers came with this idea, and they hope they will be around long enough to see it happen.  

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 49)

Binance CEO Expects A Bull Run

Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, believes that a bull run is coming. Unfortunately, he doesn’t know when, why, or how it’s going to happen. However, he is certain it’s coming big time. Even with 70%-80% price drop during 2018, he claims that Binance and crypto business is still doing fine. But, if you go and check out previous roundups, you could see that in November there were a lot of similar claims. However, a huge enthusiasm faced almost a record price plummet. Therefore, even if CZ is a big name in the crypto world, take his prediction with a grain of salt.

EOSBet Secures First On-Chain EOS Network Casino Licence

EOSBet, the EOS blockchain powered dApp, gets the casino license. It’s a casino completely hosted and ran on the EOS blockchain. Currently, it features two games, which are a dice game and a special version of Baccarat. The license came from a high institution of Curacao eGaming. The Curacao eGaming has the right to license other gaming platforms, and it’s a right granted by the State Ministry of Justice. And to make it even more appealing, EOSBet comes with instant transaction time, no transaction fees, and near-zero latency. It’s worth checking out.

Gambling dApps Forces China To Waver The Crackdown On Online Gambling

China forced a blanket ban on all forms of gambling except lotteries. However, even with a forced ban, China remains the biggest developer of gambling dApps and the biggest market for them. And, while China strictly enforces its laws, the gambling population seems like it’s constantly growing. Chinese developers created the biggest gambling dApps like BetDice, Hongkong, EOSBet, Funcity, and Lucky Plaza. While it has the biggest gambling populace in the world, the future of crypto gambling looks bleak for China.

Galaxy Digital Losses $41 Million

Mike Novogratz’s Galaxy Digital loses $41 million. The former Goldman Sachs trader suffered the effects of bearish market firsthand. The company released a financial disclosure document claiming it lost $136 million during the last nine months. Even with major loses, Novogratz remains confident in crypto. Similarly to Binance CEO, Novogratz believes that a huge turnaround is destined to happen during 2019.

Unikrn And Okex Twitter Beef

Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn, went on a Twitter rampage. The CEO of eSports betting company went into full-blown savage mode regarding the issue his company had with Okex. Okex delisted UnikoinGold (UGK) from cryptocurrency exchange list. Listing and delisting are a common occurrence on exchanges, but according to Sood, there was more to it. Sood claims Okex asked his team to artificially increase the volume of their crypto, which could result in fraud. From there the Twitter beef between Unikrn and Okex escalated further. By the end of this Twitter storm, the beef included even Malta’s government officials.     

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 49)

Forex And Cryptocurrencies Forecast

For the end of this week’s roundup, there’s a complete Forex and Cryptocurrency forecast! The forecast is great for those interested in traditional channels of monetary exchange, but crypto traders as well. However, the forecast doesn’t come with a super-optimistic view on the rise of crypto. Only 10% of experts believe the bull run is coming. The 60% of experts would call it a success if the price of Bitcoin returned to the price range of $4000-$4500. But, the end of the month will tell the tale of who got it right.

And that was it for this weekly roundup. Stay tuned for the next week, when we will see what happens in the brave new world of crypto!

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