Best Bitcoin Betting Sites – 2018

Sports betting has been a part of our culture for thousands of years, dating back to the Colosseum games in ancient Rome. Even though a lot has changed since then, the core principles have stayed the same; we place bets on sports events in hopes that we will guess the right outcome and win money.

But with the evolution of the internet, sports betting saw its biggest shift; it went from brick-and-mortar bookmakers to the online world. However, we recently witnessed the birth of an even larger sports betting trend – Bitcoin betting.

While still in its infancy, Bitcoin sports betting has already attracted the mainstream crowd. Of course, this is nothing compared to the numbers that fiat-based bookmakers are raking in, but their cryptocurrency counterparts are slowly drawing a more significant audience.

As you can imagine, we are massive Bitcoin casinos and betting fans, but we are also its biggest critics. We are aware that even the best Bitcoin betting sites are not immune to human greed and negligence. Even though Bitcoin’s neutral design and provably fair system create the safest gambling environment, countless Bitcoin betting sites are looking to scam and steal from unaware gamblers.

So, to help you avoid the filth of Bitcoin betting, we have decided to put together this how-to guide. Moreover, we will highlight the best Bitcoin betting websites that are available right now.

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How to know if a site is legitimate?

Before we get to our list, let’s first define what makes a top-notch betting website. While fantastic odds and sportsbook are essential parts, there is so much more that you need to take into consideration. When our research team reviews any gambling website, they evaluate five different aspects of the platform to determine its quality. So, let’s take a look at them.

Trusted operators

Traditional sports betting sites have bookmakers like bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, etc. So, what are their Bitcoin counterparts? Well, because Bitcoin betting is a relatively new industry, it’s hard to say which websites are trustworthy. However, some sites stand out thanks to their mainstream partnership deals, highly regarded parent companies, powerful software, and transparent business practices.

Withdrawal and deposit efficiency

One of the most important features of any online bookmaker is fast payments. Regardless if you are looking to withdraw or deposit funds, a top-notch betting site should be able to complete the transaction within minutes, especially a Bitcoin one. Sports betting on Bitcoin bookmakers should offer the fastest withdrawals because cryptocurrency transactions are processed instantaneously.

Quality of the sportsbook

A betting sportsbook is the collection of all events that you can bet on. The best Bitcoin sportsbook will allow wagering on all possible games, from basketball and boxing matches to some obscure events like placing a bet on Bitcoin price and presidential elections. Additionally, a sportsbook needs to offer competitive odds and support various types of bets like Bitcoin betting exchange, handicap betting, player props, and so on.

Privacy policy

One of the most significant Bitcoin gambling advantages is its anonymity. Cryptocurrency transactions are anonymous by default, and this carries over to the gambling and betting aspects as well. If you don’t want your betting information sold to a third-party, and you want to avoid legal restrictions, then Bitcoin betting is the way to go. In most cases, you will only need an email address to create an account, but some platforms ask for more information.

Reliable customer support

Every business that cares about its reputation has a trustworthy and efficient customer support service. We go out of our way to test customer support in all our reviews, just to make sure that they are available when the players need them the most. Even though you won’t ask for their services 99% of the time, you have to know whether you can count on their help or not.

All of these things are essential for a betting website to be good. However, it’s hard to find a platform that checks all these boxes. So, instead of focusing on finding the perfect Bitcoin betting site, you should decide on what matters to you the most. For example, if you don’t mind giving up a little bit of your privacy, then anonymity is not your concern. On the other hand, if you plan to bet on the NFL matches only, then you don’t need an extensive sportsbook. After all, if the platform has the features that you care about, then it’s the best one for you.

Top 5 Bitcoin betting websites

Now that you know the criteria upon which we review Bitcoin betting sites and what you should look for in them, let’s list some of the best ones. Regardless if you are looking for a fantastic sportsbook or lightning-fast payments, you will find a suitable platform here.

Before we start, you should know that this list is in no particular order, and the first and the last entry might be the best Bitcoin betting site depending on your preferences. Additionally, we will focus solely on the sports betting side of these platforms. So, for a more in-depth look and full versions of these reviews browse through our website.

1. Cloudbet

Cloudbet is without a doubt one of the industry leaders. They have been operating for almost five years and to this day had no controversy. Cloudbet’s sportsbook offers bets on various sports from basketball to badminton. You will have an option to place live wagers, as well as dozens of different bets on a single event. Plus, they have almost instantaneous withdrawals. Besides sports betting, Cloudbet offers Bitcoin poker, slots, roulette, and other casino games.

The best part is that they will hook you up with a welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC based on your first deposit. Right now, the minimum bet amount at Cloudbet is 0.001 BTC, and the maximum amount depends on the event. Finally, you can reach their customer support team by email only. Even though they respond within a couple of hours, the lack of live chat and phone support is disappointing. Overall, Cloudbet is an excellent platform for players of all levels and preferences.

2. Nitrogen sports

When it comes to Nitrogen Sports – according to Bitcoin sportsbook Reddit threads – this is one of the best, if not the best Bitcoin betting platform. We don’t know if we would agree, but they are close to the top. Nitrogen has been operating since 2013 and has attracted hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world over the years. They offer bets on any sports you can imagine from football to golf and even eSports.

Their minimum bet amount is 0.001 BTC. On the other hand, the maximum amount depends on various factors like sport, league, etc. Depositing and withdrawing funds usually take under an hour, but in some cases even under 10 minutes. Additionally, their customer support is available via email and ticketing system. Regardless of the method, you will receive a fast and helpful response. Finally, Nitrogen is 100% anonymous, and the sign-up process doesn’t ask for any personal information, not even your email.

3. Sportsbet

If you start browsing through Bitcoin sport betting Reddit threads, a name that will regularly pop up is Sportsbet. This betting operator is a relatively new player in the industry, but they have already become a household name. Sportsbet has a modern and clean look, extensive sportsbooks, competitive odds, and various types of bets. The two favorite options on the website are virtual sports and player props betting.

Furthermore, withdrawal times are under 15 minutes in most cases, but it can take longer in some instances. They have the standard minimum bet amount of 0.001 BTC, and the maximum varies on different factors. To register on the website, you need to provide your email address and date of birth. Finally, Sportsbet has a live chat and email support available 24/7, so reaching them won’t be a problem.

4. 1xBit

1xBit is a spin-off sportsbook from a regular betting site 1xBet. They have been providing casino games like Bitcoin dice and slots, as well as sports wagering since 2007, but the Bitcoin side of their business has been around for just a couple of years. While we are not the biggest fans of 1xBit’s design and interface, some users may be okay with it. However, our personal opinion of it is that it’s too cluttered and overwhelming.

Besides this remark, 1xBit offers all standard sports betting features like various types of bets, all possible sports and leagues, fast payments, live chat customer support, and so on. Furthermore, they offer 100% first deposit match bonus up to 1 BTC. Also, 1xBit has a dedicated Android mobile app for the ultimate mobile betting experience. Finally, unlike some previous entries on this list, 1xBit accepts many other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

5. mBit

mBit is a 4-year-old sportsbook that is fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Commission. They have a beautiful design with minimal clutter. Additionally, mBit offers competitive odds, an extensive list of types of bets, and betting on almost every sport. Furthermore, you will be able to place bets on eSports events. Besides these features, you will be able to claim a welcome bonus of 50 mBTC based on your first deposit.

If you have any problems with the platform, you can contact their customer support service via live chat and email. However, some users managed to get a response by reaching out to them over their official social media accounts. Finally, it should be noted that some users experienced difficulties when withdrawing funds. But we cannot attest to that, as we had no problems whatsoever. If we were to highlight one characteristic of mBit sportsbook, then that would be its simplicity and ease of use. One more thing; recently mBit opened its doors to Ethereum gambling players. So, if you have some ETH laying around you can gambling with it as well.


Witnessing the birth of some revolutionizing technology or trend is not a typical thing. Therefore, being a part of these early days of Bitcoin gambling makes it that more special. Sure, we need to see many more improvements and most importantly, some mainstream bookmakers entering the market. However, that is not to say that the current state of cryptocurrency betting is terrible or unplayable.

On the contrary, it’s incredible compared to how long has it been available. We just wish more reliable Bitcoin betting websites would surface up. But for now, we recommend sticking to these five. Trust us; you will feel as if you are betting on William Hill or any other big-name bookmaker.


Are fiat currency bookmakers accepting Bitcoin?

Technically, no. Regardless what you may read on the internet, bet365 Bitcoin payments are not accepted. However, you can use eWallets like Neteller to deposit Bitcoin to any sports betting site. You just need to transfer Bitcoin to your Neteller account and then use it to make a deposit onto an online sports betting site.

How do I acquire Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, meaning that it can be acquired through ‘mining’ for free. However, most gamblers today, trade fiat currencies for Bitcoins on different Bitcoin markets.

Can I trust Bitcoin betting sites?

Bitcoin betting sites are the same as regular online bookmakers. So, yes, you can trust them as long as they have a good reputation, clean history, and reliable services. If user reviews and Bitcoin betting Reddit threads are complaining about a particular betting platform, then something is probably fishy about it.

What are the benefits of Bitcoin betting anonymity?

Staying anonymous while betting online offers many benefits, but these three are the most significant ones. First, if the platform is anonymous, it won’t be able to limit your winnings or ban you from it just because you are on a streak. Second, many online gambling operators misuse your personal information and sell it to advertising companies; being anonymous will protect you from this. Finally, some governments have restrictions on sports betting, so staying anonymous will help you bypass them.

How does Bitcoin betting exchange work?

Bitcoin betting exchange is the go-to betting format for many online gamblers. Instead of betting against the house, you are directly facing another user. There are two sides to the betting exchange, ‘Back’ and ‘Lay’. To ‘Back’ means that you are betting on a bet’s outcome to happen. To ‘Lay’ means the opposite will happen.

For example, if a user bets on Miami winning a particular NBA game, you can either back or lay the bet. By laying, you are assuming the role of sportsbook, and if you win, you will earn the stake. However, if the backer wins, you will have to pay them their stake amount and additional winnings based on the odds. Finally, if you lay a bet, your winning condition is everything else, except the backer’s choice.

What is eSports Bitcoin betting?

eSports or electronic sports are competitions between players or teams in certain video games. Similarly to traditional sports betting, these events have matches, clubs, and individuals you can bet on. While eSports have been around for quite some time, recently they became available on the Bitcoin betting sites and turned out to be an instant success.

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