Why We Created BitcoinPlay

Before BitcoinPlay became the ultimate guide to the best Bitcoin casinos, it was but a mere passion project run by two ordinary guys: a tech geek called Raj and me, a gambling enthusiast-turned-expert named Stefan.

About a year ago, we witnessed a surge in people jumping aboard the cryptocurrency hype-train, one we’ve been riding since its inception. As long-term cryptocurrency enthusiasts, we were curious to see how our two passions would merge in this new era. I’m talking, of course, about online gambling and crypto.

It was only natural for these two worlds to come together. However, we soon came to realize we were tapping into a delicate and tricky market. Aside from coming across a lot of dodgy, unsafe, and unreliable online casino, we also saw a lot of websites recommending crypto casinos that were straight-out scams.

We didn’t despair, though. Instead, we saw an opportunity. By combining our technical knowledge with our love for crypto and gambling, we created BitcoinPlay. Our site has always aimed to fill in the gaps of this fragile yet lucrative industry, while also helping people like us stay safe as they do what they love.

Who is Behind BitcoinPlay?

You’re probably wondering who we are and why you should trust us. We like the way you think. Here’s the story of the two faces behind BitcoinPlay and an explanation of why we do what we do.

Stefan Ateljevic

The Evaluator

I’m Stefan, and for the past five years, I’ve been work- ing as an SEO specialist and online gambling profes- sional. Fascinated by the psychology behind both cryptocurrency and online gambling, I soon realized there was no trustworthy source that directs users to gambling sites that are both fun and safe.

I was determined to fix this. That’s why I decided to combine my SEO knowledge and love for online gambling to launch my own website. After many months of work, Raj and I managed to create the ultimate online gambling guide for crypto users. We’ve compiled a list of the most reliable and secure online casinos to give our readers a chance of finding legitimate success, while also protecting them from fraud.

Although I end up earning some money from these casino companies, I assure you that I will never let this compromise my primary goal, which is to create genuine and honest reviews. To find out more, read our affiliate disclosure page.

Raj Vardhman

The Technician

My name is Raj, but you can think of me as the Tech Guy. Stefan and I met a couple of years ago while working at the same company. Even as our careers branched out, the two of us continued working on several other projects together. However, it wasn’t until last year that we decided to launch our own project.

Aside from being a fellow online gambling and crypto enthusiast, I am also responsible for everything tech-related on this website. My mission at BitcoinPlay is to make sure our users have a pleasant experience without hitting any bumps along the. Hopefully you won’t come across any bugs before I do!