About us

We are a bunch of lads who share a passion for travelling but also enjoy the occasional wager.

Whether it would be a few spins of the slot machines, a classy bluff at the poker table or just a bet on the favourite football team, gambling has always been a form of entertainment for us.

The thing that brought us together was the fact that our two hobbies began to collide early on.

One thing you discover quickly when travelling is that not all countries allow betting. In many places, casinos are either non-existent or are quite poor establishments, which supplant the thrills of gambling with gloomy, degenerate atmosphere and poor choice of games.

That’s why, independently, gambling online became the logical choice for each and every one of us. Then we discovered that many online casinos are not accessible from certain countries.

Luckily, the Bitcoin casinos became a thing and lifted all geographic restrictions, thanks to the Bitcoin anonymity.

The only problem with the emerging Bitcoin casinos was verifying their reliability and resolving any technical issues. That’s why we began collecting data about e-wallets, comparing online and software wallets, measuring their usefulness and security against a hardware e-wallet.

Next thing we began was testing Bitcoin casinos carefully and examining their practices. Virtually all of them support Provably Fair software but that’s only half of the story.

Provably Fair casinos ensure that the game software is untampered with and that the outcome is based solely on the digital whims of really random Random Number Generators.

All the same, we have encountered shady practices and convoluted attempts to bend the rules.

So, we had to start checking carefully for dodgy terms of service, test customer support and probe to see how quickly and reliably payments are made.

We, as a matter of fact, also examine the technical integrity of the casinos, the response times of their platforms, the speed of the games, their number and variety and the overall level of satisfaction a Bitcoin casino manages to provide.

Some of these estimates are more objective than others, but we always strive to provide as complete a picture as possible, without shying away from the unsavoury details and problematic points, when they are present.

Of course, we also give credit where credit is due, trying to maintain as unbiased approach as possible in order to provide reliable and honest overview of the casinos we have played at.

We can promise that we are giving our best efforts to help you enjoy responsible and safe gambling in the vast and expanding world of Bitcoin casinos.

How much we succeed in these attempts is for you, dear reader, to judge.

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