About us

We are two friends that have a passion for Ubud, bitcoin, and gambling.

In the beginning, we were all excited to witness cryptocurrencies and online gambling gelling nicely together. But, eventually, we surmised that this is a tricky and delicate market with a lack of well-researched information. So, we have decided to fill those gaps!


Our Team



The Evaluator


Hi, I am Stefan – nothing special about that!

If you are bitcoin casino enthusiast, looking for some guidance on where to play, which site to pick, what game provider to trust, I’m your man. I love reviewing gambling platforms that support cryptocurrencies.

Here is what I do and why you can trust my reviews:

  1. I sign up at all popular bitcoin casinos. Here’s a list of all the casinos I’ve tested so far, along with a few details about how they performed.
  2. Unlike others, I don’t just sign up and stop there. I make a deposit with BTC and really play with a genuine intention to win! (Though I’m not always lucky!)
  3. Right from the start — from sign up to withdrawing the winnings, I record the proceedings of the bitcoin casino using a ready-made checklist. You could also have a look at the checklist I use to evaluate BTC casinos.
  4. I AM REAL! Check my evaluation records on my YouTube channel, or find my tweets about gambling, the cryptocurrency market, and the combination of those two.

My intentions of making this comprehensive guide for cryptocurrency and gambling lovers are real as well. I want to:

  1. Be a helpful resource in enabling you to find the right website to gamble with confidence;
  2. Make some money through commission from the casinos I review here.

*Disclaimer: Although I earn some peanuts from these casino companies, I assure you, that I will never compromise my number 1 goal that is being genuine! To find out more, check out our complete affiliate disclosure.



The Developer


Heyo! It’s just a WordPress website. So nothing special about me to be honest.

All I did for this project was to make the website look and run flawlessly! If you find anything wrong, drop me a line or two.


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