About Us

Let’s keep this page short and sweet as there are more important things to attend to, like reviewing Bitcoin casinos!

BitcoinPlay is the passion project of my friend Raj and me, Stefan, your expert Bitcoin gambling guide. But more on us later. We started this website about a year ago when everybody was preparing to get on the cryptocurrency hype-train. The two of us, we’d been familiar with the crypto-gambling industry since the first Bitcoin dice sites started popping up.

Back then, we were all excited to witness cryptocurrencies and online gambling gelling nicely together. But, eventually, we realized that this is a tricky and delicate market with a lack of well-researched information. So we’ve decided to fill in those gaps!

BitcoinPlay’s Team

Here is something about the two of us so that you can put a face to the content you are reading!

Stefan Ateljevic, the Evaluator

Hi! I am Stefan. If you are Bitcoin casino enthusiast looking for some guidance on where to play, which site to pick, or what game provider to trust, I’m your guy. I’ve been a fan of online gambling for quite some time, but when the first crypto-gambling platforms opened up, that’s when I decided to start this whole thing. What can I say—I love innovation, and blockchain technology is set to change the world. While I’m not an expert in all things cryptocurrency, I can definitely help you pick the right Bitcoin casino, sports betting, poker, or dice site.

Here is what I do and why you can trust my reviews:

  1. I sign up at all the popular Bitcoin casinos. Here’s a list of all the casinos I’ve tested so far, along with a few details about how they performed.
  2. Unlike others, I don’t just sign up and stop there. I make a deposit with BTC and play with the genuine intention to win! (Though I’m not always lucky!)
  3. From sign up to withdrawing the winnings, I record the proceedings of the Bitcoin casino using a ready-made checklist.
  4. I AM REAL! Check my evaluation records on my YouTube channel, or find my tweets about gambling, the cryptocurrency market, and the combination of those two.

*Disclaimer: Although I earn some money from these casino companies, I assure you that I will never compromise my #1 goal, which is creating genuine and honest reviews! To find out more, check out our complete affiliate disclosure.

Raj Vardhman, the Tech Guy

Hello! My name is Raj. I am responsible for everything tech-related on this website. I make sure that you, our readers, can enjoy this website without significant problems. So, hopefully, you won’t come across them before I do. But if you do, make sure you let me know. Stefan and I have worked together in a couple different companies, but last year we decided to start our own thing—hence, BitcoinPlay. Of course, I share the same passion for crypto gambling as Stefan, so don’t be surprised if you see my face in some of our videos!

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