Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 52)

It was an amazing week in the crypto world. Aside from the year-long bearish market, 2018 was a year for innovation and massive adoption of the blockchain technology. And, the conclusion of the year comes in the form of this weekly roundup!

It brings an answer to some of the most important questions for the crypto world. Let’s start the weekly roundup!

The launch of Bakkt And Bitcoin Futures Exchanges Delayed Again

The scheduled Bakkt Exchange launch was for December 2018. It’s delayed again for January 24, 2019. Currently, the estimate is that Bakkt will run in the starting days of February. Previously, Bakkt applied for an exception to custody Bitcoin. But, according to the current regulations, the customer’s funds must be held by a bank, a commission merchant, or a trust company. Bakkt’s launch is waiting for the CFTC commissioners to vote for the proposal, as soon as it comes out for public comment. If successful, Bakkt will offer physically settled Bitcoin Futures. Bakkt’s exchange will be owned and controlled by the New York Stock Exchange.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 52)

Guide To Bitcoin Spread betting

Spread betting is a type of derivative investment strategy, meaning that you don’t own the asset that is underlying the bet. The investor speculates whether the price of an asset will fall or rise. In spread betting, there are two price quotes, the asking price, and the bid price. The asking price is price investor buy crypto at, and the bid price is price investor sell crypto at. The term “spread” refers to the difference between the bid and ask prices. Here, you’ll find everything you need to know about spread betting investment strategies.


Cryptojacking is a practice where hackers run malicious cryptocurrency-mining software in the background of user’s computer. The software runs without user’s permission or knowledge. It’s a preferred hacking method that brings more profits than ransomware. Majority of attacks will mine for Monero. Monero is the top choice for hackers since no one can trace Monero’s source, amount, or destination when it comes to the public ledger. Cryptojacking is a new form of financial crime since the criminal isn’t stealing but creating money. It comes in two forms, as malware and a drive-by web attack. Business should adopt a layered approach to cybersecurity to avoid cryptojacking as much as possible.

EOS Surges In Crypto Bounce With Double The Daily DApps Users Than On Ethereum

EOS is now the fourth largest cryptocurrency by the market cap. It reached the price of $2.52, gaining 29.21% in 24 hours. The number of daily DApp users now stands at over 21.4k. That’s nearly double the number of Ethereum’s daily DApp users, which stands at 11.7k according to the State of Dapps. Currently, top EOS DApps are BingoBet – Roulette & Dice, EOS Knights, Endless Dice, BetDice, PRA Candy Box. And, this is a kind of closure to the whole Ethereum – EOS war. It’s questionable whether or not Justin Sun’s propaganda has any effect on Ethereum users. But, the numbers don’t lie. However, Buterin’s Ethereum 2.0 is yet to stir things up.

Top Niche Affiliate Areas For People In Crypto

Most of the times, news about crypto are about trading, gambling, new apps, or scandals. However, there’s a topic more important for people just starting in the crypto world. And that topic is how to get crypto. Maybe you didn’t know, but you can get crypto from affiliate marketing. There are various niches which pay commission in crypto. These are adult dating, retail storefronts, online dieting sites, casino websites, and crypto exchange websites. Bear in mind that this is a profitable venture for people with experience in the digital business.  

Online Casino Trends For 2019

Online casinos changed the gambling industry forever. A part of the reason for their popularity is that they are a great place to use new technologies. And the new tech is a big part of coming online casino trends in 2019. However, the coming trends in 2019 are almost the same as those in 2018 were. The only difference is going to be in the level of implementation of these trends into online gambling. The online gambling trends for 2019 are live casinos, virtual reality, cryptocurrency, mobile casino, and online security. But, while these trends are fascinating, implementing the trends effectively is a totally another thing.  

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 52)

Craig Wright Thinks It’s Time To Stop Thinking In Exchange(Casino) Price

Doctor Craig Wright, Chief Scientist at nChain and one of the proponents of the Bitcoin SV(BSV), talk about scaling. He took to Twitter today to educate people that Bitcoin use determines the value of the coin. In tweets, Wright talks about how it’s time to stop thinking regarding exchange(casino) price. It’s time to evaluate the value based on its use. In the following tweets, Wright continues to explain on the subject. The community continually questioned him, but Wright didn’t change his attitude. Later, he even talked about private blockchains, and how (BSV) is heading there.

Vitalik Buterin’s Finishing Moves

Vitalik Buterin gave about 1,000 ETH tokens(price at the time of writing: $324,000) to three separate startups. The startups are working on projects in the Ethereum ecosystem. A Twitter discussion inspired the donations since developers complained about lack of funding for Ethereum projects. And while this is going to improve the technology, it’s a blast to the Buterin’s crypto wallet. Moreover, there are people across the spectrum showing doubt in Buterin’s finishing moves in 2018. However, whatever it comes out of it, it sure will be great to see what’s Ethereum 2.0 is bringing to the crypto world.

And that’s it for this weekly roundup! Even the bearish crypto market didn’t stop crypto gambling. The BitcoinPlay team wishes you a happy New Year!

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