Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 42)

Hello again Bitcoin enthusiasts. There’s something important you should know. The week behind us was something like A a sci-fi film. And that makes it all the more amazing. Read about the genesis of the online gambling market, and the vision of it to come. Finally, find more about the strange fate of Malaysia as it becomes a jungle of cybercrime.

And not a single bit of the intro is an exaggeration. Let’s see the story at hand.

BlockDraw Founder Says China Is A Perfect Playground For Crypto Gambling

Darin Oliver, a BlockDraw founder and cryptocurrency expert thinks China is ready for crypto gambling. From a business standpoint, China is a massive potential market. Oliver explains that the same applies to other huge markets such as Russia and Ukraine. However, even combined 35 million users combined are no match for China’s potential 120 million users! On top of that, the biggest crypto markets are Eastern Europe and Asia. It makes China the future powerhouse of crypto gambling.

EOS New Record With Over 51,000 Daily Users

On October 9th, crypto analyst Kevin Rook went on Twitter, citing DappRadar. The EOS network reaches a new level with over 51,000 users in a single day. The Dapps are decentralised applications on a corporate network. Only the backend code is in the network, allowing Dapps to be any application. This time the Dapps are mainly used for gambling. The top three Dapps BetDice, Se7ens, and EOS.Win. Truly, a magnificent day for the online gambling world.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 42)

Malaysia And The “Chiba City Blues”

The world of science fiction chained with a surreal opening of the famous novel by Willaim Gibson. The “Chiba City Blues” is the first chapter of his legendary novel “Neuromancer”. And lately, the crime ecosphere of Malaysia shockingly resembles the contents of the piece. A notorious triad boss backs the “HB” coin. And it’s something you should know. Usually, the crypto news deals with investors and new events related to crypto and gambling. That is something entirely else.

The End Of Ethereum As We Know It

A fantastic analysis of what’s currently happening to Ethereum and Dapps, since their main use is for online gambling. For the past few months, the Ethereum price is on a steady landslide. During 2018, the price fell from $1000 to $200. It’s speculated that the main reason for the crash is the rise of EOS blockchain. Still, the main competitive advantage of Ethereum lies in the possibility to create Dapps. However, EOS can do that and much more. The further crash of Ethereum depends on whether or not it can improve after the Capser update.

GG World Lottery To Offer Regulated Blockchain Lotteries

The old-fashion gambling market is ready for a complete makeover. On November 2, the GG World announced that it’s ready to implement blockchain technology in their system. A seasoned team of veterans took a reverse ICO approach with this project. The model is so interesting for the investors because it allows them access to multiple ways to multiply their investment. Also, the GGC token will be issued as a part of the token sales, providing special benefits to the token holders.

Cryptocurrencies Becoming Huge For The Online Gambling Sites

The adoption of Bitcoin shook the world, and it did especially so in several niche markets. Surely, it did wonders for the online gambling sites. Crypto’s nature as a decentralised form of trading gave bettors multiple advantages. It gave them anonymity and a way to make payments beside regular banking channels. Also, the other main benefit is in the lower transactions fees for crypto than other banking methods. And, giants in the industry such as WPN gained major benefits from the crypto inclusion. Overall, the article paints a picture of an online gambling landscape.  

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 42)

World Poker Tour Partners Up With A Canadian Crypto Startup

World Poker Tour officially announces a new partnership, promising to bridge the gap between gambling and blockchain technology. The WPT’s new partner is a Vancouver based FansUnite, operating an Ethereum powered sportsbook. In the first series of funding, FansUnite received a $3,43 million, but also an exposure to the global audience. Above all, on the WPT side of things, it gets a footing in the brave new world of crypto gambling. The impact of this relationship will be apparent in the years to come. It’s a true definition of a power move.

Online Gambling Market To Surpass $94,4 Billion By 2024

This week’s roundup ends up with a formidable study, showing us what is to come. The online gambling market is to surpass $94,4 billion by 2024. The study goes and explains in detail how the nature of cryptocurrencies changed the online gambling environment. Lower banking prices and anonymity are just major improvements which shook the online gambling world. Therefore, trends, markets, predictions, and challenges that may occur in the Bitcoin world are to be followed at all times.

And that’s it for this week’s roundup. Simply it was amazing. Tune in next week to find more about the new and evolving world of cryptocurrencies.


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