Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 50)

Only 15 days are left in this year. Holidays just aren’t coming fast enough. It’s time to take a break and recuperate. So before you go out to loosen up, check the weekly roundup and see what’s happening in the crypto world!

Fortunately, it’s far less dramatic than it was last week. This time, it’s more about inventions, new casinos, and investments strategies. Let’s start the weekly roundup!

The Impact Of Ethereum, EOS, And Tron On The Gambling Industry

Cryptocurrencies gave the online gambling industry a total makeover. And Ethereum, EOS, and Tron blockchain technology took online gambling to another level. As a matter of fact, the platforms have an outstanding feature. The use of each new blockchain lowers transaction speeds, makes gambling dApps safer and decreases banking costs. The blockchain is a perfect environment to develop cutting-edge dApps. The decentralized apps are a revolutionary invention because it’s so easy to develop them with features such as A.I, AR & VR, and smart contacts. The blockchain-developed dApps offer a superior experience. That’s why crypto is the future of gambling.

New AIPoker Platform

AIGame Foundation launches AI Poker platform, a unique AI-powered poker platform. It’s great for both beginners and masters, since creating poker strategies is the core gameplay idea. The system uses those strategies and tests them in online poker games. Players rate the best strategies and the creators of highest-rated strategies get a revenue share from the platform. The platform uses AI, the blockchain, and big data as the main technologies. They strive to use the latest technologies and concepts to reach higher levels of decentralization. The platform went live on December 4th, in Seoul, South Korea.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 50)

Four Strategies For The Bearish Crypto Market

Whether crypto traders admit it or not, this is a bad year for crypto. Cryptocurrencies faced a 70%-80% price drop in a single year. But, there is more to crypto trading philosophy than panic buying and selling on fluctuating price drops. When times get tough, experienced traders remain prepared. Years of predictions, analysis, and results brought about crypto investment strategies for the bearish markets. The strategies are short selling, HODL, to keep investing, and to diversify a portfolio. Apply them according to your situation.

Twitch Casino Under Fire

Gambling Commision is currently purging a popular streaming platform, Twitch. Twitch is home to a vast number of streamers, allowing users to stream gameplay and other content. Twitch came under fire when the Gambling Commision cracked down on illegal betting offers. The Commision found that some streamers promoted offers from unlicensed casino operations. Twitch community didn’t address the issue properly since its guidelines strictly protect from the display of explicit sex and violence, but not gambling. Still, the infamous “Casino” category remains for users of all generations to see and click.

New Strategy Game Chainbreakers

Chainbreakers is a new blockchain-based strategy-RPG game. Qwellcode, a Germany-based company, used Ethereum blockchain and smart contacts technology for the back-end programming. However, the game accesses front-end from Decentraland’s virtual reality metaverse. The Decentraland “land-owners” get a revenue share when they allow hosting of quests and events on “their land.” Game assets are contained in NFTs, and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Big Funds Buy Cheap Crypto  

The Big Funds act completely different than the average trader when they deal with a bearish crypto market. While individual traders are looking to sell crypto and exit the market, the big funds are much more interested in buying cheap crypto. The big funds invest based on an asset worth projection. They take an asset and try to predict its worth 5 to 10 years into the future. They buy cheap crypto to stash a large number of coins when prices explode again. The market stabilizes, and they have enormous market power.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 50)

WEX Exchange Horror Story

It often seems like the constant innovation in the crypto world is home to romance for a new century. But, sometimes it produces real horror stories. Since July 2018, WEX cryptocurrency exchange suspended withdrawals. Currently, only available withdrawals are in Zcash, and with a stunning 75% fee. WEX owner, Dmitri Vasiliev, and his partners operated the scam website for months. Russian news gave a short, NSFW description of the owner. The rabbit hole goes deep enough even to include Russian hackers listed on the FBI wanted list. It's amazing how the future is turning out.  

The State Of Lubin’s Cryptopia

Joe Lubin, one of the Ethereum founders and CEO of ConsenSys, encountered a lot of doubt and controversy for the current state of ConsenSys Ethereum projects. Critics and analysts aren’t sure what Lubin is trying to achieve with his company, and with the massive investments in Ethereum projects. Out of estimated 50 Ethereum apps, only a few met success and wide public acclaim. However, Lubin is going to continue investing in new blockchain projects. Certainly, the crypto community loves big words like decentralization. But, it still has a long way to go to meet mainstream business implementation of such concepts and practices.

And that’s all for this weekly roundup. Truly, it was a much-needed break from the always eventful crypto world. Stay tuned for the next week’s roundup, where we will cover on the fate of the crypto world.


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