Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Recap (Week 33)

Tidings, ladies and gentlemen, to another round of our Reload Saturdays!

The week’s over, and it’s time to rest and relax. And, while you’re relaxing, why not brush up on the latest news from the crypto gambling world, so you can always stay on the top of the conversation with your crypto-enthusiast friends. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got for you today.

Is It Possible to De-Anonymize Bitcoin and Trace Transactions

A big question with a potentially impactful answer. De-anonymizing Bitcoin might be much easier than expected, as the blockchain network is only pseudo-anonymous in reality. However, luckily, we have ways of protecting our identities and coins within a blockchain, mainly through disguising the IP address, using a VPN or utilising coin mixers to shake up the Bitcoins in any given transaction.

MECA Coin – Creating a Democratized Online Gambling Ecosystem on Blockchain

MECA Casino is about to introduce their very own cryptocurrency, the MECA Coins. These coins will, hopefully, uphold the core principle of the blockchain technology and cryptos – complete anonymity and democratisation of the currency. As such, MECA Coins were built on the 3rd generation blockchain platform and built to be completely decentralised. The coins can also be used to buy casino assets, in the form of master nodes, allowing users to trade their very own casinos.

Increasing Bitcoin Hashrate Reflects Investor Confidence

Despite the worrying drop in value for Bitcoin, the hashrate for the crypto is on the rise. It's an unusual situation, but one that reflects how people trust the strength of the currency, and its ability to bounce back. Though miners can accumulate only a portion of the wealth they could in just December last year mining Bitcoin, they're still mining on the same level as before, which is indeed encouraging.

Bitcoin Investor’s Crypto Theft: Dogecoin Founder Takes a Dig at Holders for Trusting Centralized Exchanges

More news of theft shake the cryptocurrency industry, as one Michael Terpin sues AT&T over having his crypto losses. However, this time around, it might be the victim’s own fault, as Jackson Palmer, founder of Dogecoin steps up and adds his own input on the situation. He said on his Twitter that Terpin wasn't using the currency correctly when he entrusted $24 million's worth of coins to a centralised exchange.

Cryptocurrency Decline Isn’t a Concern for Most Gambling Companies

Though Bitcoin value has dropped significantly over the years, the gambling companies seem entirely unfazed. Larger betting companies are still offering the same odds and the same payouts to all their crypto customers, claiming that betting with these currencies will continue as usual, and that even the players don't have much of a problem with the coins dropping in value.

Malta to Host the Most Important Crypto Conference of 2018

It seems that Malta has become a sort of sanctuary for cryptocurrencies. This November, Malta is about to host the largest crypto summit ever, with 5000 delegates, 100 speakers, and 150 companies meeting to discuss the future of cryptocurrencies. The summit will cover all the most important aspects, such as government and regulation, marketing and affiliation, tokenomics and cryptocurrencies, and finetch. On top of that, special attention will be paid to the crypto gambling industry.

Indian Government Says Crypto Regulations Still Months Away

And, while the Maltese are ready to pass regulations for cryptocurrencies, the Indians are still indecisive. Though the Indian government had stated that they would complete a list of regulations for cryptos, they recently stated that they’re pushing the final decision till September 11th. The current crypto situation is a little complicated, and a resolution to the problem is much needed.

Unstoppable Scams? Ethereum's Gambling Problem Is Only Getting Worse

Ethereum has got a big problem with scams. Just in July this year, the reputable exchange has been host to a dozen Ponzi schemes. And, last week, Team JUST, an anonymous group of developers, warned about an almost identical copy of their own game occupying nearly one-third of the computing power on the network.  The imposter app has its own ether, creating the illusion it's a popular game, and tricking people into engaging it. Team JUST also added that it's the largest such a scheme they'd ever seen.

And, with that, we’ll close off our roundup. Now that you’re all caught up with the news, you can rest easy and maybe play a few rounds in your favourite casino. And, while you're grinding away the next week, you can be sure we'll be here with more news the following Saturday. Till then cheers, good luck, and remember to play safely and responsibly.

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