Satoshi Nakamoto – The Biggest Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory

Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? A question that many have asked, but to no avail. This mysterious figure gave us the very first cryptocurrency, enabling crypto mining, Bitcoin betting, and blockchain technology as a whole.

Satoshi Nakamoto – The Biggest Bitcoin Conspiracy Theory

But is it really possible to hide the identity of such an influential figure? Surely, somebody must know something about him. Maybe a particular organization would know something. But which one?

Daniel Oberhaus and Alexander Muse think the USA three-letter agencies might hold the answer. And, indeed, there are quite a few evidence pointing out that the CIA and the NSA might know something. Calling upon the Freedom of Information Act, they both, on separate occasions, contacted the two agencies. Their goal? To see emails with Satoshi Nakamoto’s name in them.

Documents that May or May Not Exist

Because of the FOIA, Daniel and Alexander should be able to gain access to these emails. However, the CIA turned them both down. Naturally, these agencies have their own bag of tricks, and this time, they used the standard Glomar response. On both accounts, the requests were denied. The CIA and NSA both said that they can “neither confirm nor deny the existence of the requested documents.”

Of course, Alexander Muse has some theories of his own even without the emails. He claims that the NSA used the “writer invariant” method of stylometry, comparing Satoshi’s writing to trillions of writing samples. With this, they should be able to narrow down the search, or even pinpoint his identity.

But why would these agencies be interested in Satoshi in the first place? Well, their primary concern is national security. The Homeland Security, NSA, and CIA all worry that somebody could weaponize the blockchain. Since the Bitcoin creator is a foreign developer, there is a great concern that he might be a Russian or Chinese agent. Even so, Satoshi hasn’t broken any law, and there’s no evidence he’s an enemy to the state.

Unfortunately, the mystery remains unsolved. Satoshi Nakamoto remains the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, and it seems we won’t find out his identity anytime soon. Still, people like Oberhaus and Muse have their theories and believe that someone out there has this information.

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