The World’s First Bitcoin Lottery Comes with an Impressive 1,000 BTC Bounty

bitcoin lottery

After Bitcoin poker rooms, casinos, and slots, we finally have the first Bitcoin Lottery. Yes, you have read it right. People from all around the world can try to guess six numbers to become Bitcoin millionaires.

So, which company is behind this Bitcoin fiesta and how can you get in on the action?

Well, the company’s name is Lottoland, and they are quite famous when it comes to lottery games. They are an Irish company, and they have been in the lottery business for the last five years. So far, Lottoland hasn’t been a part of any controversies, so we can assume that the Bitcoin lottery will be legitimate as well.

The rules of the game

When it comes to the rules of this lottery, there are no surprises here. To snag the jackpot, you will have to match all six numbers correctly. The drawings are held every day at 8:30 pm GMT, except on Sundays. Furthermore, even if you don’t guess all six numbers, you will get the chance to win some smaller prizes. As for the main bounty, it currently stands at 1,025 BTC, which is… Well, who knows, Bitcoin is going up and down by the hour.

However, for all Bitcoin skeptics, there is an option to receive the prize in fiat currencies. So, if you don’t want to have anything with Bitcoin, you can play this lottery as any other standard one, and receive your winnings in dollars or pounds.

So, what do you think about this Bitcoin lottery and Lottoland’s attempt to cash in on the Bitcoin craze? If you ask us, this an excellent way to get in on the Bitcoin action. Just don’t forget that winning a lottery is a slim chance as it gets.

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