crypto casino has a new and improved website

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· 19 Nov 2021

Members of casino will be able to benefit from a number of new modifications and changes that the online crypto gambling platform has recently introduced.

Despite having already been rated extremely highly by many reputable casino review sites ( review included), has worked hard to ensure that they continue to provide their members with the very best when it comes down to the overall experiences that are enjoyed when using the service that they provide.

Indeed, a whole host of exceptional features were already on offer at the site with members having signed up already able to enjoy some of the world-class game titles available across various different game types, with thousands of different online video slots and live dealer casino games all available to wager on using an array of different payment methods.

Included within the range of payment methods offered at, bettors are able to use various different cryptos or they could look to use traditional fiat currency if that is what they preferred. Either way, the online platform had already catered to everyone in regards to making financial transactions.



Improved Financial Limits

Nonetheless, one of the huge modifications that the online operator has decided to make that will benefit members greatly is the fact that they will now be able to take advantage of the new betting limits that have been applied, with these allowing for bigger wagers to be made, as well as bigger withdrawals! casino now allows its members to be able to place a wager of up to 0.5BTC or 25 euros on each live dealer casino game that they decide to play, whilst they are also able to withdraw up to 100k euros per week or up to 400k euros over a month’s period.

In addition to increasing the values that are possible to make, the operator has made depositing funds even easier and a lot quicker than it was once before. has managed to do this by changing the process and introducing an intuitive deposit form that enables users to make depositing the funds that they wish to put into their bankroll quicker, therefore allowing them to choose their preferred game and actually get playing quicker, as well.

Accessibility Improved in Immense Fashion

In regards to choosing the game to play and accessing the desired titles, this is perhaps where punters who are signed up to casino will see one of the most notable changes that the operator has decided to make to its platform.

The site has been given an overhaul in terms of design, with a cleaner, less-cluttered and fresh layout having been applied throughout the site that can be enjoyed on any device, from laptops and desktop computers to smartphones and tablets for those who like to wager whilst on the move.

Furthermore, the new design allows members to be able to navigate and surf the web pages that have been built easily compared to before, with each page only displaying the most important and relevant information, thus improving the entire experience that is enjoyed whilst on the site.

Find the Desired Game to Play Easier Than Ever Before

As we mentioned, the game’s library that has been provided by casino is one of the best around as it features a number of world-class titles, but one of the changes made by the operator means members are now able to find them a lot quicker as accessibility has been improved.

The search feature has been given a much-needed upgrade, thus making it easy for those to find exactly what they want, while players who have an idea of the type of game that they want to play in regards to the theme but are unsure of a title will now be able to apply a filter to help them with their choice. Lastly, they will also have full control over what game they play at any time as they will have the opportunity to switch easily between game types once they have started playing a particular title.