What Are Slot Games

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· 20 Aug 2021

Here’s the reel story about slots: these games are the biggest moneymakers at both online and land-based casinos thanks to their simplicity and huge jackpots. In fact, many gambling enthusiasts make fruit machines their first and final destination in every casino they visit.

So what are slot games all about, and how do you know which one to choose? There is a dizzying number of different slot machines with various themes, features, soundtracks, and payouts. Gambling venues offer everything from vintage fruit machines to state-of-the-art video slots with advanced animations. The important thing to remember is that higher denomination slots have bigger payouts, while betting a little more makes you eligible for jackpots.

Although we don’t have the magic formula for winning, we can share some insights into how the math works. Keep reading to find out more.

The History Behind Slots

The origins of slot machines can be traced back to the late 19th century when the first coin-operated gambling devices appeared in the United States. Even back then, a lot of people were asking: what are slot machine games?  Gradually, these games with remarkably simple rules and gear-driven handles gained popularity. At first, saloon proprietors used to pay off winnings in cigars or drinks.

The first coin-operated slot machine appeared in 1894 in San Francisco and took the world by storm. That was followed by the first three-reel slot machine with automatic cash payouts in 1898. With three reels and as many symbols as could physically fit, the outcomes were somewhat predictable and the payout schemes limited. But what are slot games without all the thrills and anticipation?

In the 1950s, electromechanical slots ushered in a new era of excitement by introducing machines with 3- and 5-coin multipliers. This also paved the way for video slots that were first introduced in Las Vegas in 1975. The latest addition to this expanding list of options are online slots. Today, most can even be played with cryptocurrencies. Whatever slot you choose to play, modern versions of the game allow you to set any desired frequency of payouts.

How to Play Slots

Every slot machine enthusiast recognizes the sound of the handle being pulled, the reels falling into line, and the jingle of coins. These three things sum up the basics of playing slots. After choosing the slot machine, you simply insert the coins or ticket, determine the size of the bet, and pull the handle or press the electronic spin button.

When the reels start spinning, you can sit back, sip a cocktail, and wait for the combination of symbols to appear. There’s no interaction with dealers and no need for brainstorming about tactics.

Slot machines can have a single payout line, or as many as three, five, or even dozens of them. The winning pattern should have a combo of matching symbols across one of the pay lines. The desired outcome of slot games can be explained easily: the payout depends on the number of identical symbols (fruits, bells, lucky sevens, bars)  lining up straight through the reels. Some of the newer games offer players more ways to win with diagonal and zig-zag pay lines.

Once you hit the winning combo, you’ll get a credit that you can quickly cash out using a bar-coded ticket. Vintage slot machines will usually add to the fun with coins pouring out of the machine. Moreover, slot games typically have a theme with corresponding symbols.

Online and Video Slots

The expansion of online gambling is only fuelling the search for winning slot strategies. But that’s only because most players overlook the random number generator, which is at the heart of modern slots.

RNG determines the outcome as soon as the reels start spinning. As such, any impression that you can control the game while the reels are spinning is an illusion. On the other hand, you can still choose between slots with different payouts and those that offer hundreds of ways to win on a spin. If you want to know more about what slot games are the best to play, check the rich selection on numerous gambling sites and crypto casinos.

Many of the games have spectacular graphics and animations, top-notch features, and multiple pay lines. You’ll even come across 3D slot games and iSlots. The best part is that you can play your favorite slots on the go, as most of them are optimized for mobile play.

Slot Bonuses and Extra Features

We’ve come a long way since the days when winners on slot machines got paid off in cigarettes. Today’s state-of-the-art video slots offer numerous features to spice up the game. That brings us to another important question: what are the best slot games to play? The best thing to do is to look for wilds, scatters, multipliers, and bonuses.

Wilds are symbols that can be used with other symbols on the reel to produce a winning combination. Sticky wilds are especially common during free spins and can remain on screen until the free spins are completed. Meanwhile, stacked wilds appear on top of each other, and expanding wilds “expand” the symbol to the entire payline.

If you’ve ever read a slot guide, you’ve probably come across scatters. This is another popular feature that appears on the reels and unlocks different bonuses such as free spins, pot bursts, and mini-games. On top of that, there are numerous bonus symbols that boost your chances of winning, including prize wheels and treasure chests.

Whether you enjoy video slots or more classic games, you can trigger multipliers. These can increase the player’s prize money by multiplying the winnings or enhancing the total bet. Multipliers are typically associated with free spins and cascading reels. This is a great way to bag an instant win.

After all, what are slot games without all the random perks? Cascading and tumbling reels are another feature that can spice up your game: they make symbols in the pay line vanish, and new ones appear and increase your odds.

Progressive Jackpots

Here it’s important to touch on the Return to Player percentage. RTP is a term used to describe the percentage of all the wagered cash that a slot machine will pay back to players over time. The slot games with the highest RTP have the best odds, which is why you should consider giving up on progressive jackpots that have the lowest percentage. If you’re wondering what are the best online slot games with the best chance of winning, you should know that classic slots have a fixed prize, and progressive jackpots grow over time. If you want to play on the safe side, stick to the classics, and if you’re more of a risk-taker, choose progressive slots.


How do slot games work?

Slot games rely on RNG software to generate thousands of numbers per second. These are associated with different combinations of symbols. Winning or losing is determined by the symbols that line up on the payline.

What are online slot games?

Online slot games are similar to classic fruit slot machines with spectacular animations that offer additional features, including interactive bonus rounds.

What are slots in gambling?

Slot machines require you to make a bet and spin the reels. If the right symbols line up on the payline, you win prizes. If you’re trying to figure out how to win at slots, keep in mind that outcomes are determined by the random number generator and are therefore entirely random.

How often do slot machines hit the jackpot?

Speaking of frequency, hitting the jackpot happens once in every 10,000 spins or 1 in 50 million with multimillion-dollar jackpots, such as Megabucks.