The Founder of Reddit Praises the Potential of Crypto

Many praise cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology almost like the second coming of Jesus. Experts from various fields and industries claim that crypto has the potential to change the world. And today, we have one such claim.

Alexis Ohanian, the founder of the internet’s #1 message board Reddit, recently appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During the interview, Alexis talked about many topics. However, his viewpoint on cryptocurrencies got the most attention, at least for us.

The Founder of Reddit Praises the Potential of Crypto

Alexis talked about the advantages of crypto coins, their decentralized nature, and their no-boundaries policy. He expressed that even though many Americans can’t see the value of digital coins because they live in a country that has a stable government currency, many underdeveloped parts of the world struggle with hyperinflation.

A decentralized savings account

He believes that crypto and blockchain can become some type of a world vault that isn’t under anyone’s jurisdiction. People can store their savings in cryptocurrencies without fearing that someday a government can go down and their savings disappear.

He then added, “For so many people in the world to have that security of knowing what's yours is yours – because it [cryptocurrency] is now digital, it can be transferred with you wherever you are going – is actually pretty empowering.”

Of course, cryptocurrencies have already influenced many industries. While Bitcoin betting sites have become an integral part of the online gambling industry, things that Alexis is talking about are still a long way from realization. However, we are sure that at some point cryptocurrencies will become the currency of the world.

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