Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 51)

Crypto is something you should approach with your whole heart and soul. Even more so with a year-long bearish market and regular price drops. On the other hand, it’s a technology for the new century, and it’s simply something out of this world. So, let’s take a look in the crypto world!

Certainly, it’s eventful as ever. And since showing is the best way to tell, let’s start the weekly roundup!

Justin Sun Proposes Ethereum And EOS Developers To Migrate To Tron Network

The bearish crypto market does not affect the rockstar CEO, Justin Sun. Currently, Tron blockchain hosts 28 decentralized apps. And, that’s no wonder since Tron blockchain offers faster transactions speed per seconds and lower fees. On top of that, developing on Tron is done via common programming languages. That, in particular, is the basis of Sun’s ruthless Twitter campaign. He’s consistent in popularizing his blockchain by calling for Ethereum and EOS developers to migrate to his blockchain. Still, with Buterin’s announcement of Ethereum 2.0, 2019 could be a year to end Tron’s dominance.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 51)

Importance Of Bitcoin ETFs And Bakkt

While they were a center of huge hype, US Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) moved decisions on Bitcoin ETF and Bakkt for early 2019. Bitcoin ETFs and Bakkt should help to stabilize the cryptocurrency market. Bakkt should offer a variety of services from warehousing to trading. And, it will support crypto-to-fiat conversions. Additionally, giants such as Microsoft, BCG, and even Starbucks will back Bakkt. Similarly, Bitcoin ETFs help to stabilize the market. Bitcoin ETFs allow tracking assets perform without actually owning them. Crypto enthusiasts believe that this legislation will attract traditional investors and bring crypto to mainstream use.

Biggest Bitcoin Casino Winners

CloudBet’s casino features some of the biggest Bitcoin casino winners of all time. On CloudBet, players can bet as little as 0,0005 BTC per spin or as little as $0,20(the price at the time of writing). That allows players to become Bitcoin casino winners. First such player appeared in March 2017. The player won 216 BTC on a 0,16 BTC wager while playing Troll Hunters slot game. Then, in November 2018, the player won stunning 49,22 BTC in a single spin. In an hour-long gaming session, the player went on to double the gains to 87 BTC, which at the time was roughly $550,000. In another case, the player won 53 BTC without jackpots and multipliers in a single streak while playing CloudBet’s Live Roulette. It roughly amounted to $340,000.

EOS DApps Lost Almost $1 Million

EOS DApps significant loses, losing almost $1 million due to the security breach. The hacking incident includes breach on 27 DApps amounting to a loss of 400,000 EOS. The security breaches correlate with vulnerabilities in the EOS DApps, rather than EOS blockchain bugs. Aside from hacking, there is a problem with phantom accounts. These accounts are non-identifiable, and security experts believe the accounts are used to find and exploit DApps vulnerabilities. After succumbing to numerous breaches over the last five months, the EOS blockchain received the title of the “Ethereum Killer”.  

France To Invest In Blockchain

In France, several parties across the political spectrum reached a consensus to recommend investing €500,000 in the blockchain. Over the year, France introduced numerous changes in favor of cryptocurrencies. The logic behind the push is that blockchain will reduce public spending. Also, France is interested in building a multi-state crypto bank. And the regulative should also include an option for entrepreneurs to open a bank account for blockchain-centered businesses. Additionally, even the Yellow Wests should introduce their crypto. With a history of revolutionary tendencies, France surely is going to shake up the crypto world.

Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Predictions For 2019

The Block Tribune interviewed thought leaders on cryptocurrency predictions for 2019. For this edition, the interviewees are Shone Anstey, the Executive Chairman and co-founder of Blockchain Intelligence Group, and Kevin April, CEO of SportsCastr. Both agree that crypto is coming back strong in 2019. They view 2018 as a year for the introduction of new blockchain technology applications. Surely, even greater expansion of blockchain technology is coming in 2019. Though, both agree that the time when it was easy to launch blockchain-based project is over. However, what’s going to happen is 2019 is something not even experts can predict.

Opera For Android Grows Into An Ethereum “Blockchain Browser”

Opera wants to use blockchain technology to reach new audiences interested in crypto. The browser developer announced that Opera for Android is now a blockchain browser with bolted-on access to the Ethereum blockchain. It builds on its existing cryptocurrency wallet. Opera is laying the groundwork for Web 3.0. The Web 3.0 will use apps hosted on decentralized networks. This system is close to blockchain technology, but not entirely based on it. Therefore, the users will have to buy some Ethereum crypto to access the apps. The Opera browser accesses the Ethereum blockchain through a startup called Infura.   

Investors Keep Betting Against Bitcoin

The number of investors and traders betting against Bitcoin is increasing. Bitcoin and Altcoins are facing a decrease in both price and trading volume. The total value of all cryptocurrencies was under $110 billion on December 11th. Traditional investors keep the same arguments against Bitcoin and crypto. These include Bitcoin price volatility, expensive mining, cybersecurity threats such as fraud and hacking, and the concept of decentralization. More investors are against decentralization, even though enthusiasts push it as a technology for the 21st century.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 51)

Bitcoin ATMs Are A Drug Dealer’s Dream

Regardless of the Bitcoin and crypto prices, you got to love the romance that comes with cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin ATMs are a host to the anarchy itself. In most cases Bitcoin ATMs are used to launder money after illegal activities. But that’s just the beginning of the secret world of Bitcoin ATMs. During the decade, there were threats, violence, kidnapping, and even deaths related to the Bitcoin ATMs. Having a method to make dirty money untraceable and then use it again is a drug dealer’s dream.

That was it for this weekly roundup. Stay tuned for the next roundup when we will finally get the answer to the fate of cryptocurrency prices.

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