Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 43)

Here we are again blockchain enthusiasts, crypto experts, and analysts. It’s time for this week’s review. And as usual, the blockchain ecosystem is thriving with new life forms ready to take the world by a storm. Now, there probably isn’t a better way to indulge in this adventure, than to keep up with turbulent, changing landscape.

Therefore, let’s see what happened during the last week. Let’s start this week’s roundup:

Macau Firm To Build First Blockchain-based Casino

Kennis Wong, a former Jimei International CEO, is a part of Macau company aiming to become the first blockchain-based casino. He is a part of the project trying to raise $1 billion through initial coin offering. The opening of this blockchain casino is estimated to be in 2019. The casino also released a whitepaper, explaining how they plan to run the casino. The group is still evaluating whether or not the casino should run on Ethereum or BTC Cash. But, the casino promises to give clients a chance to host their games through the blockchain technology.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 43)

Blockchain Poker Tournament Ready For Crypto Con In Vegas

The World Crypto Con is a three-day conference held in Aria Hotel and Casino. It showcases prominent guest speakers, and they’ll focus on how the blockchain is impacting the world. And among other planned events, there will be the world’s first live blockchain poker tournament. Currently, there are rumors that stars from the poker world are going to take part in the tournament. And a rumor says that those might be Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, or Antonio Esfandiari. The conference takes place on the anniversary of the Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin Whitepaper, from October 31 to November 2.

Mixed Signals For The Cryptocurrency Investors

Previous few weeks have been all about the rise of crypto prices. Even that Bitcoin news providers flooded the general public with information of bullish raises, the price of Bitcoin fell. Still, amidst the overall confusion, major players subtly delivered their power moves. In this piece, you can read about different backings, acquisition, and launches in the crypto world. Each is like a building block on which the prices of Crypto will rise.

Predictions For The Post-Blockchain World

In the author piece, managing director of Blockchain Advisory Limited Jonathan Galea, gives his opinion on the future of blockchain. But, it’s the future after the blockchain technology found its rightful place in the world. In the landscape of his thoughts, it’s easy to see that the relationship between society and gambling wasn’t always so clear and defined. Instead, gambling and casinos for that matter, have a rocky relationship with society in general. But that is all about to change, as Malta becomes the frontier to test online gambling to its fullest extent. In the end, almost prophetically, Jonathan announces that the pioneers will have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Blockchain Gambling Platform Augur Settles A $152 Million Lawsuit

Former Augur CEO Matthew Liston settles a suit out of the court with the Augur company. In April, Liston sued the company for the $152 million based on fraud, which is the largest private suit in the history of cryptocurrencies so far. They ousted Liston as blockchain-based gambling platform CEO. He claims that the other founders of Augur which are Joseph Charles Krug, Jack Peterson, and Jeremy Gardner conspired with the investor Joseph Ball Costello to push him out of the company.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan - A Weekly Crypto Gambling Roundup (Week 43)

Interview With Paul Polterauer

Paul Polterauer is the founder and CEO of HEROcoin. Previously he worked at PwC Advisory for Corporate Finance, working on some of the largest deals in Austria, as well as several other projects. In this interview, Paul talks HeroCoin platform, his background in finance, Ethereum and Ethereum network. And for an average crypto enthusiast, it’s invaluable to take a dip in the pool of experience man of such background as Paul brings.

Poker Developers Should Improve Their Games With Blockchain

The gaming industry closely follows as blockchain developers continue to build on the innovative technology. Even with such an amazing expansion, the blockchain lacks a quality poker game.  Then, the blockchain technology could improve the poker experience by giving it speed, better user experience, and more security. But, here it’s still all about the technology. Whether or not the poker community accepts a blockchain as a norm for poker games is a different issue.

Venezuela's President Tells Public To Invest In Gold And Crypto Petro

Nicolas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, told the workers they should save in gold and state-run cryptocurrency Petro. In the television broadcast, Maduro said that in the weeks to come workers will receive bonus payments based on Petro cryptocurrency. But as always, not everyone is happy with the announcement. Multiple sources are doubting Petro in Venezuela and out of it. Wired, a technology publication, even wrote an investigative piece calling it a “total scam.” Unfazed, Maduro continues with his plan calling for workers to invest in gold and crypto.

And that was it for this week’s roundup. Stay tuned for the next weeks, when we will venture further in the brave new world of blockchain and crypto. Be on the frontier of the new world, and walk bravely as pioneers. At least, you were the first to notice what will become the standard in the world of tomorrow.

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