Reload Saturdays with Stefan – A Weekly Crypto Gambling Recap (Week 37)

Hello, hello, lads and lasses, and welcome to another instance where we Reload the Saturdays with your host, Stefan (that’s me!)

Phew, it’s been a while, hasn’t it! But, I’m back, and I’m here to stay. To prove my statement, here’s your weekly collection of crypto gambling news. Enjoy!

Most eSports Fans Already Deal with Cryptocurrency

Gaming and cryptocurrency? Could it be a match made in heaven? It just might, according to KPI Gaming’s CEO Michael Doyle. Thanks to his initiative, KPI Gaming now allows its punters to bet on eSports using a cryptocurrency called Nano. He also says that eSports fans have dealt with cryptos before and that they've had very positive things to say about Nano, going as far as to say that “it's the best thing since sliced bread.” Nano also operates on block-lattice, instead of the blockchain, and allows the punters to make transactions without having to pay exorbitant fees. Neat, right?

Reload Saturdays with Stefan (Week 37)

Blockchain-based Bitcoin Lottery Acknowledges Visa & Mastercard Payments

Here’s a nice piece of news – Bitplay is introducing Visa and Mastercards as viable payment options. The blockchain-based lottery announced on September 11th that they're adding the cards as a method of payment for the tickets, saying that it's an excellent opportunity for “those who don't have Bitcoins, but don't mind getting them.”

Aspire Global Expands into Bingo

Aspire Global is constantly looking to expand their repertoire of games, bringing more players to their tables, and increasing overall player value. This time around, they’re introducing bingo as part of their game line-up. Aspire Global is launching bingo through their Nordic operator and through Karamba, a proprietary casino brand, and, according to the words of Job Spiero, Vice-president of sales at Aspire Global, they’re very excited about their new addition.

Dash Is Official Coin of FanDuel Fantasy Sports League

Good news for those who prefer Dash coins over other cryptocurrencies – their tokens have become the prime gambling currency for FanDuel. FanDuel has debuted and become very popular during the NBA Finals, and now they’re expanding to fantasy football. With that being said, this is the first time Dash coins have been used for such a purpose, and the fantasy football fans using Dash are certain to be excited at this new prospect.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan (Week 37)

Online Casino Info Adds 2 New Bitcoin Casino Gambling Sites

Here’s a proof of crypto gambling getting more and more popular – Online Casino Info just introduced two new casinos to their line-up. As you know, Online Casino Info is quite a distinguished casino review and rating website, so having two new casinos reviewed by them means they’re very much worth visiting. The latest entries are Betcoin Casino and mBit. Betcoin Casino is Bitcoin and Ethereum casino, running plenty of virtual games and even a community blog. mBit, on the other hand, is primarily a Bitcoin casino, and hosts regular tournaments and boasts quite generous bonuses.

BitCasino Adds New Cryptocurrency Cashier Add-ons

BitCasino too is making an effort to improve their overall player experience. The reputable Bitcoin casino introduced two new features, including the SOC coin and Telegram social media login. SOC coins can now be used to place bets on All Football, the casino’s very successful and popular app. On the other hand, Telegram login will allow much faster registering and logging in, and it will be much safer to boot. All in all, these are some very neat additions that will make BitCasino an even more establishment to play in.

Reload Saturdays with Stefan (Week 37)

The Weekly Hack: Cryptocurrency Gambling App Gets Hacked After Mocking a Competitor for Getting Hacked

They say that you shouldn’t laugh at the misfortune of others, lest you suffer the same fate. Well, EOSBet Dice certainly didn’t hear this one. The unfortunate Bitcoin dice site mocked one of their competitors for being hacked and robbed, all the while assuring their own customers that such a thing will never happen on their website. And, lo and behold, the mocker is now on the pillory themselves, as EOSBet Dice got hacked, with the culprit making away with $125.000 worth of coins! And, to make matters worse, they wouldn’t have even known, lest a singular Reddit user spotted the theft and reported it. Truly unfortunate for EOSBet Dice, both regarding their bankroll and their distinguished reputation.

Better, Easier and Decentralized Betting with

Decentralization is one of the major pros when thinking about cryptocurrency betting. However, there exist problems, mostly with high fees and insufficient banking infrastructure to process the money flow from gambling due to regional limitations. That’s why decentralized betting exchanges are becoming more and more prominent. One such exchange is Bettex. Together with Bettex coin, their own currency, they promise no fees, reliable and secure betting, and an overall better experience. All in all, this just might be what the crypto gambling industry needs, so I say go for it, Bettex!

And, with that, we’ve reloaded the Saturday. I hope you’ve found this round of news entertaining, and, if no, I promise to come back next week with news that will make your jaws drop. Until then, cheers, and gamble safely and responsibly.


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