New Malware Changing Crypto Wallet Addresses in Clipboard

S.Ateljevic image
· 08 Jul 2018

If you’re visiting Bitcoin blackjack venues regularly or simply trading with cryptos, you’re undoubtedly aware of crypto theft. Well, we hate to alarm you, but hackers have found a new way to rip you off.

This time around, they’re targeting your clipboard. When copying an address of a crypto wallet, the malware subtly changes that address to one associated with the hackers. Now, the worst part about it is that you’re likely not to notice the change. The nefarious program doesn’t change the front part of the address but changes the back part ever so slightly. The back part is usually a long string of letters and numbers, so spying the change is challenging.

New Malware Changing Crypto Wallet Addresses in Clipboard

So, how does the malware manifest? The program is shrewdly masked as a DirectX DLL. However, the DLL is huge, containing a whole 83MB of data. This makes the program all the harder to spot, as it looks nothing out of the ordinary. Not only that, but it’s also barely noticeable as it runs in the background, so you can’t see it unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

So how does one defend from this despicable program? Well, the best way is to get a fully updated antivirus. The companies making anti-viruses have all sprung into action, making sure their programs are detecting the DLL and removing it from your computer. However, cyber thieves are likely to try and modify the DLL. That’s why the researchers at BleepComputers are keeping their eye on the malware, and watching for changes.

Ultimately, this is a lesson to all of us about cyber security. Having an antivirus program installed is paramount, especially when you’re working with cryptos. Blockchain technology is pretty safe, but not impregnable. For this reason, you always need to double-check all your wallet links and treat any change with suspicion.