FairPlay.io First to Adopt TruePlay’s Gambling Platform

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· 08 Apr 2018

FairPlay.io, Gamingtec’s online casino, is now running on a blockchain-based gambling platform called TruePlay. FairPlay Casino is the first of its kind, and currently, they are running a free trial period for players to test their platform and services.

This is a huge step forward for Bitcoin gambling enthusiasts, as well as for regular online gamblers. The idea of not having to worry whether game outcomes are rigged or not has been present since the first roulette spin. While regular online casinos ask their players to trust them about fairness, their cryptocurrency counterparts offer tangible evidence in the form of provably fair and smart contract systems. And that is what TruePlay platform is providing precisely.

FairPlay.io First to Adopt TruePlay's Gambling Platform

A genuine decentralized gambling platform

TruePlay has created a platform that has blockchain technology at its core, making it impossible to mess with the outcomes. You see, TruePlay knows the result of the bet before it even begins. However, it stores that data in a hash – which no one can compromise – so that nobody knows the values.

But not only that; TruePlay also offers blockchain-based transactions. Transactions carried over the blockchain technology are much faster, cheaper, more secure, and most importantly, transparent. That means that players on FairPlay can receive nearly instant deposits, plus they don’t have to worry about losing them.

The CCO of Gamingtec, Vlad Udovenko had this to say about the integration of TruePlay into the FairPlay online casino. “We at Gamingtec have been at the cutting edge of the gaming industry since 2013. For us, blockchain isn’t just the new it-word, but a natural evolution of the online gambling process. Player confidence and fast transactions are extremely important, and the TruePlay platform provides smart contracts and transaction history that brings full transparency for players and affiliates.”

This collaboration between an online casino and a blockchain gambling platform got us super excited. After all, this means that we are one step closer to playing on fully decentralized and transparent online casinos.