Cryptocurrency Addiction Treated in Scotland’s Hospital

You may not think it, but cryptocurrency addiction is a real and serious thing. Bitcoin dice sites players, Ethereum gamblers, and even coin traders are all vulnerable to the crypto addiction. For that reason, Scotland’s Castle Craig Hospital has started treating people for this modern-day problem.

Castle Craig Hospital is a well-known treatment center for alcohol, drug, and gambling addicts. But as of recently, they have added a crypto addiction treatment to their gambling program. Even though this addiction isn’t a medically-recognized condition, its symptoms are very much real and can be devastating if not addressed immediately.

Cryptocurrency Addiction Treated in Scotland’s Hospital

What makes crypto addictive?

Well, crypto trading is appealing because the market is ever-moving. A single currency can rise and fall several times within a week. On top of that, there is the social aspect of cryptocurrency trading. All this gives a rush to traders, similarly to real gambling. For this reason, persons stop communicating with the outside world and start spending all of their time monitoring currency values. After that, the addiction becomes all-consuming, just as all other types of addictions do.

Certain crypto traders also chimed in on this topic. Jeremy Gardner, a managing partner at Ausum Ventures, is a passionate crypto trader. However, he is very much aware of the dangers and is warning all traders to be careful. During his NBC News appearance, he said that he has “met too many people who have sacrificed their mental and physical well-being for this pursuit.”

Sure, crypto addiction is not as spread out as alcohol or gambling ones are, but it's real. Luckily, insightful caregivers at Castle Craig Hospital have recognized the danger and acted upon it. And now there's a haven for all afflicted by this modern addiction, where they can get their passion under control.

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