Where’s The Juice? Cloudbet Takes On World’s Biggest Sportsbooks With Zero Margin EPL Campaign

Cloudbet is celebrating the return of the English Premier League by guaranteeing football fans the best prices in the world.

For each of this season’s remaining 92 EPL matches, the pioneering Bitcoin sportsbook will offer 1,000 customers odds with a zero margin. Cloudbet is essentially giving up its commission — aka “juice” — on these bets to guarantee customers the best price possible and maximize their winnings.

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“Just because the games will have zero fans in the stadium doesn’t mean it has to be zero fun,” a Cloudbet spokesman said. “The best league on the planet deserves the best odds, and it’s all possible because of crypto technology.”

Cloudbet has been making waves since relaunching itself in late April following the biggest makeover in its seven-year history. While it has built a legacy as a trusted Bitcoin operator, the firm has taken a bold step toward making the new Cloudbet.com more accessible to non-crypto players with the addition of USDT betting, along with easy credit-card coin purchases.

Highlights of Cloudbet’s Zero Margin Season:

  • Offered on bets on match result, Asian handicap, or total goals for each EPL match to 1,000 players per game
  • Players are permitted to make multiple bets per match, provided the total amount of potential winnings does not exceed the equivalent value of 1,000 USD in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or USDT
  • Such bets are available only in a window that opens up to 12 hours before each match and closes when the player cap has been reached, or when the match commences, whichever occurs first
  • Not available to players in the US, UK, Hong Kong or Singapore

Zero margin bets are possible thanks to the substantial cost advantage Cloudbet enjoys as a crypto sportsbook from avoiding the payment processing fees and chargebacks that fiat operators have to wear.

These savings give the operator latitude to take low – or zero – margins on bets to offer players the best prices on sports events. Cloudbet has long-standing “best odds” campaigns that feature margins as low as 2% on sports including soccer, basketball, American football and mixed martial arts.

Cloudbet is no newbie when it comes to creating next-level experiences for customers for big events: In 2014, the sportsbook attracted global publicity for offering 100 BTC to anyone who could pick a perfect bracket for the World Cup that year.

The operator followed that up by offering a 100 BTC bet limit on the 2018 World Cup final, an amount worth almost 600,000 euros at the time.

Besides soccer, the new Cloudbet.com offers odds on a multitude of sports and esports markets, while the Cloudbet casino has hundreds of slots and a live-dealer experience with all classic table games.

The Cloudbet Story

Cloudbet are proud pioneers of crypto betting. Born in 2013 with a trailblazing spirit, Cloudbet embraced blockchain technology to give players privacy and financial freedom like never before. Since then, we have taken over 10 million bets, earning a reputation as the most trusted and secure name in the crypto-gaming space.

We wrote our own rules and audaciously created an industry we are highly respected in. But that’s just the beginning. As always, it’s what comes next that really excites us. We keep innovating, delivering world firsts time and time again.

Opportunities are boundless, and with the same passion and ambition that has taken us to the top, Cloudbet will keep enhancing the entertainment experience for players around
the world. We’re here to raise the game.

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