Betcoin Poker Closed Permanently as of This Christmas

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· 27 Dec 2017

Betcoin Poker Closed Permanently as of This Christmas

Say goodbye to Betcoin, one of the bitcoin gambling pioneers, or at least to their online poker department. Yes, you’ve read it right, one of the biggest cryptocurrency casinos is shutting down their poker services so you’ll have to find another place to play online poker. To make things worse, they are closing on Christmas day. This decision came unexpectedly, especially if you take into consideration that a still unknown company or individual acquired them just a week ago.

However, players know that Betcoin Poker had many difficulties and its fair share of controversies. So, maybe this decision was looming over their heads the whole time. Sure, Betcoin Poker had alluring bonuses and promotions. However, the constant barrage of bad decisions ultimately earned them a bad reputation.

Unannounced rake increases, paying for positive reviews, and taking money for non-existent jackpots, are just some of the many controversies that Betcoin was a part of. But let’s not talk all bad about this poker room. Some players were genuinely disappointed to see Betcoin Poker go offline. This is most apparent in the comment sections of the Bitcoin poker forums.

But what’s done is done. There is no time for sulking.

A lesson for everyone

However, everyone should take a lesson from the Betcoin Poker downfall. If we are to improve the Bitcoin gambling industry, companies like Betcoin need to be accountable for their missteps. Even though it’s too late for this case, the future cryptocurrency poker rooms have to be transparent and reliable. Otherwise, the mainstream audiences will never start using them.

What is your opinion on all this? If you had any experience with Betcoin Poker, we would love to hear it in the comment section down below. Additionally, if you want to read more bitcoin gambling news, as well as reviews of bitcoin casino websites, you can always hop on our website.

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