Edgeless Casino Review

The last couple of months I spent playing at Edgeless casino were nothing short than an adventure. Since I pretty much know every nook and cranny on this website, I’ve decided to present you with my own Edgeless casino review.

The phrase “blockchain casino” evokes an idealized online gambling establishment in which blockchain technology is used to streamline and support all operations. A true blockchain casino would enhance the user’s gambling experience by supporting superior privacy, faster pay-outs, lower fees and costs, improved security, and even a chance to prosper along with the site if its custom cryptocurrency appreciates in value.

Such a casino hasn’t existed – until now.

In 2018 a group of idealistic entrepreneurs and crypto cowboys introduced Edgeless, an online casino that is built on blockchain from the ground up. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of gambling sites on the internet. You’ve never seen one like Edgeless. Not even on our best Bitcoin casino sites.

Edgeless isn’t a conventional casino that happens to accept Bitcoin deposits. It’s something new, a casino in which the user registration system, the finances, and the games themselves are built on blockchain technology.


edgeless review

Edgeless Casino Pros:
  • Transparency and fairness using blockchain technology
  • Take part in jackpot draws just by depositing and playing games
  • Special roulette “Bonus” slot
  • No house edge on blackjack
  • Streamlined site
Edgeless Casino Cons:
  • Relatively new project with all the risks involved in a fledgling cryptocurrency business
  • Small game roster to choose from

Easy Registration

Let’s start at the beginning. In the crypto world, you have a unique digital key that identifies you. You don’t need to disclose your name, your nationality, your banking information – nothing. The key identifies you and allows the blockchain to record your participation in depositing funds, making a bet, collecting winnings, and so on.

At a true blockchain site, you ought to be able to register by making up a user name and providing a working email address for verification. And that’s just how it works at Edgeless. The site is private and secure. You don’t have to trust site management to keep your name and banking information secure – site managers don’t have that information. They don’t need it.

You can earn 20 free spins on the Edgeless slots game by verifying your phone number, but that’s optional.

The only reason you might have to provide more personal information is if you choose to make a deposit with cash. A third-party payment processor may need some details in that case.

Edgeless Casino Games

Fast registration is swell, but people visit casinos to play games. Edgeless offers a compelling selection of games, but they’re not the games you are accustomed to playing.

Outside the blockchain world, online casinos all license the same games from the same 15 or 20 software-development companies. That’s why you see the same games at every site.

Edgeless is different. Each of the site’s half-dozen games was developed by programmers on the Edgeless team. The games operate transparently on the blockchain. Their return-to-player and random-number-generator details are public. Their design is distinctly different from the flashing lights and buzzers you see at ordinary casinos.

edgeless review

Edgeless games take advantage of blockchain efficiencies to offer better odds to users. Edgeless doesn’t pay credit-card fees or expensive game licenses, so it can reduce the house “edge” – the built-in odds favoring the casino – to nearly nothing.

In fact, the house advantage in the Edgeless implementation of blackjack is 0%. If you play the odds without making an error, you should be able to play indefinitely, which each small loss offset by a small win over the long run.

Edgeless currently offers slots, roulette, dice, blackjack, crash, and baccarat. There’s also a sitewide jackpot drawing. You earn tickets every time you deposit funds into your Edgeless account.

The jackpot prize is a sum of Edgeless Tokens – the site’s own digital asset. Like every other random event on the site, the jackpot drawing is guaranteed to be fair and transparent because of the blockchain-based implementation.

Another Space on the Roulette Wheel

Observant gamblers may notice a curious feature: an extra “Bonus” space on the Edgeless roulette wheel. Edgeless Roulette has 22 spaces – 10 black, 10 red, 0, and Bonus.

Betting on black or red pays out double the stake. Betting on a specific number pays 20 times the stake. When the needle lands on the Bonus space, the player gets to spin a special wheel with the chance to receive free spins or keys – digital raffle tickets, essentially – for the Jackpot.

Old games are easily reinvented when you approach them from the bottom up and look at them from a different angle, and that’s exactly what the Edgeless staff did when designing its games.

Edgeless casino license

Edgeless holds casino license number 8048/JAZ, issued by the government of Curacao. This is ample assurance that the site has been inspected and is safe to use. Staff members say Edgeless intends to pursue licensure by the UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority in the future.

Mobile Compatibility

While there is no dedicated Edgeless app for iOS or Android smartphones, the site is well optimized for mobile devices. All of the features work fine on iOS and Android, and the site retains all of its elegance and functionality.

Crypto Banking

Your deposits and winnings are held in Edgeless tokens. Withdrawals and deposits are as close to instantaneous as traffic on the Ethereum network allows.

Edgeless supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and a long list of altcoins. You can also deposit in dollars and euros, but you may need to verify your identity. The minimum deposit is $50, or 0.0017138 BTC.

The most you can withdraw in a day is 10,000 EDG. That’s roughly equivalent to 0.1694 BTC or $1,087.

Bonuses and Friend Referral

Like most online casinos, Edgeless offers bonuses to new users. The welcome bonus is spread across your first seven deposits, which are matched at a gradually diminishing percentage. Earn the maximum bonus each time and you’ll earn 777 free spins and as much as 7 BTC in bonus funds.

edgeless review

Edgeless courts new users with a referral bonus. You earn five chests containing keys for the site jackpot each time a user you referred to the site deposits 100 EDG or more.

Countries and Languages

For now the site is available only in English. It is always a nice feature when you can study complicated bets and bonuses in your native language, so we hope the Edgeless staff will soon launch versions of the site in more languages.

Players from the following countries cannot gamble on Edgeless: France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States, Turkey, Singapore, Curacao, Aruba, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Saint Eustatius, Saba Bonaire, Lithuania.

Security and Customer Support

Deposits, withdrawals, random number generation, and the site’s bankroll are fully transparent and secure thanks to blockchain technology.

You can contact customer support any time of day via the site’s live chat feature. The staff is helpful and always willing to help you with any issue you may encounter.


Blockchain technology is slowly but surely opening new horizons on many fronts. Online gambling is just one example. The security, privacy, speed, and transparency of blockchain make it an ideal match for online casinos. As seen in our Edgeless casino review, this website is the first but it is surely not the last company to pursue innovations in blockchain-based gambling. 

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