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Last year BetKing re-launched their entire platform so I decided to test it out, and after a month of playing I’ve put together this BetKing review. The website offers a decent variety of provably fair games coupled with an amazing sportsbook, as well as unique Bitcoin trading options.



A Little Bit of History

The story of BetKing’s casino started in April of 2013. Some of the more experienced among you may know them as a poker-exclusive website under the name Pocketrocketscasino. However, during the next year, the casino shifted its attention to the growing dice gambling industry and quickly established itself as one of the most trusted dice websites.

The website went through some restructuring in 2016 only to be revamped and relaunched the following year under the name we know it by today – BetKing. Since then, the website has been updating and enriching their assortment of games, making all BetKing io reviews written up to this point obsolete. Since none of the reviews are updated, we decided to present you with an in-depth look at BetKing’s current offer.

  • Amazing game variety
  • All games provably fair
  • ICO investment options
  • Knowledge center for beginners
  • Great customer support
  • Standard welcome bonus
  • Low bonus variety

Registration Process

When it comes to creating an account, BetKing is expedient in handling your data. Once at their homepage, you’ll find the Register button in the top right corner. Once you click on it, a pop-up page will appear and the website will take you through a two-step process that can be completed in a couple of seconds. So, let’s start this Betking review with a small registration walkthrough:

betking review

  1. First, enter your  desired username, and password in the registration form (the email field is optional)
  2. Once you complete the form, you can start playing. If you provided them with an email, BetKing will send a verification link. Just click on the link they give you and that’s it

After you fill in the form, you can head on to the games page where you can start your adventure at BetKing.

User Interface

Although a little bit simplistic when it comes to content, the website is easy to navigate and all the necessary buttons are clearly visible on the main page. The header contains all the information about your account: balance, a BetKing ICO investing link, banking buttons, notifications, and messages display.

You can choose your desired language from a menu in the top right corner. On the left side, you’ll find a pop-out menu that contains the links to the whole site. In it, you can browse through games, fairness-testing documents, legal links, and leaderboards.

The center of the page contains all the games and events you can find on their website. Along with the games, you can also see the ad for the BetKing Welcome Bonus and the link to their terms and conditions. The bottom is reserved for the affiliate links and fairness seal.

All in all, the simplicity of the website only serves to further amplify everything that is good about BetKing. It’s clearly designed to catch your attention at all the right places. If you have a great offer, there’s no need to mask it up with flashy lights, and BetKing is a great example of that.

The website is also optimized for mobile devices but this time around, I’ll have to omit the app section from my BetKing review.

Gaming at BetKing

BetKing’s website has a decent enough variety of games to satisfy every player. All the games are located in the center of the screen. They have dice, crash, sports betting, roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat games.

The sports betting section contains twenty-three different sports and events that you can place your wagers on. It also has the most detailed interface on the website. There are also multiple dashboard types that make navigation quite easy. BetKing aims to cater its US customer base that has never had any experience with sports betting.

betking review

As for the sports list, BetKing offers NFL, Baseball, and Ice Hockey along with a huge list of esports featuring CS:GO, Starcraft, and League of Legends. Once you click on any odd on the dashboard, it’s automatically memorized in your betting slip on the right side. In there, you can adjust your stake and proceed with placing your bet. You can view all the placed bets in the ‘My Bets’ tab, and the BetKing minimum wage requirement is the same for any event – 0.01 mBTC.

Masterpiece Sportsbook

The sportsbook contains the results and upcoming match lists. As for the main dashboard, there’s a switch that lets you change the display between live and upcoming events. Now, if you manage to find some events that feature live coverage, you will be given access to a page that contains a flash animation of a current event. Although it’s not the same as a live show, it can be a great substitute.

BetKing also offers crash, a game US customers may recognize as a Bustabit clone. Dice has a simple design with a stake box and two buttons for “hi” and “lo”. The game is provably fair as you can check for yourself in the document attached to the game page.

Then there’s video roulette with flash animations and 0.01 mBTC as a minimum stake and a daily pool prize. In the end, you can find Ezugi’s platforms for live baccarat and live blackjack.

At the time of writing, none of the games in any of the ‘live games’ section worked which is a pity. BetKing also offers live poker and live roulette alongside blackjack and baccarat. I counted somewhere around 50 different live lobbies I just couldn’t access. However, I’m assured it’s temporary and that BetKing team is doing everything to fix it.

Are They Fair?

Alongside attached documents on the “Dice” game page, BetKing also features a ‘Provably Fair’ page where you can download software for testing their dice and roulette games. Upon visiting, you’ll be given a link to the Dice sites verifier app which enables you, the user, to test fairness.

BetKing, alongside the app link, provides you with the code behind their roulette and dice games. If you use it with the app, you can check the fairness of the games for yourself.

Currencies, Banking Methods, and Limits

The website accepts payments made in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BKB. Depositing is straightforward and fast. All you need to do is find the deposit button in the top left corner of the page and click on it. A pop-up will show where BetKing provides you with a coin wallet address. Just copy it to your wallet, and you’re good to go. Note that BetKing charges a 0.0000226 BTC for standard withdrawals, and 0.00003164 BTC for urgent ones. However,  a great thing is that BetKing only requires one confirmation for depositing.

Bonus section

Although the title might imply otherwise, there is no bonus section. There’s only a welcome bonus that resembles most of the welcome bonuses on other betting websites. You are given a choice to claim $20 in Free Bets if you first place 5 bets of $10. You can repeat the process 5 times and get $100 in Free Bets in total, but you would have to spend $250 spread across 25 bets first.

betking review

A great option that BetKing does offer is the possibility be an investor in their casino. If you invest, BetKing will, as a token of partnership, bring in monthly profits from the casino. Of course, you will also have to share the losses.  

Leaderboard System

For those of you that like a little bit of competition, BetKing hosts a Leaderboard competition each week. You just need to play games, and the website will automatically put you on the leaderboard. The first spot can earn you 30% of the total prize pool collected each week. There is also a separate leaderboard system for those of you who prefer sports betting.

On top of it all, BetKing has 4 separate leaderboards for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BKB. That means that you can load your BetKing coin wallet in all 4 currencies and bet with them, and subsequently take your place on all 4 leaderboards.

Security and Customer Support

When it comes to security, BetKing has everything covered. The website offers its users 2-Factor Authentication, IP whitelisting and withdrawal address whitelisting. In addition, all the funds are kept on offline cold storage addresses instead of online wallets. The website also bears a seal of a ‘Verified Operator for Crypto Gambling Foundation’. In addition, the website really does come a long way to ensure security and provide a safe space for its players.

As I already mentioned at the beginning of this  BetKing review, BetKing website also has anonymity. When you enter their website and creating an account, you won’t have to enter any email addresses. Thus, your funds can’t be traced to your identity in any way.

As for the customer support at BetKing’s website, you can find it in the menu on the left side of the screen. From there, click on the support button and you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose between an email form for more serious issues and a live chat button. Unlike other bitcoin dice sites, BetKing really goes a long way to ensure good customer support. I asked them a couple of general questions using the chat window and the customer support representative answered in a couple of minutes offering a knowledgeable answer.

All in all, BetKing offers a comprehensive list of various casino games that are diverse and can keep you occupied for a long time. In addition to that, the website features a rich and professionally made sportsbook.

However, the website could go a long way if it enriched the bonus section with a little bit of variety. Anyway, I hope all the experience I collected in this BetKing review will serve you well if you decide to become their member. Thank you for your time and consideration, and good luck!


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